How to find a good proxy server

A proxy is a special server that acts as a kind of “intermediary” between the client computer and the target server to which you need to connect. Proxies are used for a variety of purposes, the main of which is to ensure network security and protect anonymity on the network. There are a lot of such “intermediaries” now, and how to find a proxy with quality and reliable work we will now understand.

What a proxy is for and how it works…

Actually, a “mediator” is not always needed, but only for certain tasks. The most common is to get access to those resources, which for one reason or another are closed for certain countries. If you connect to the resource through a proxy, it will be available, because the real IP-address of the user (and thus the data about his country) will be hidden – the server will send to the endpoint only its IP.

Proxies are also often used for security purposes and to maintain anonymity on the Internet. Again, a simple spoofing of the user’s IP address occurs, resulting in the target server “not seeing” the real address. However, one cannot count on a really high anonymity rate when using this method. Among other purposes for which the proxy may be needed are data caching, traffic saving, and local network protection. The average Internet user does not need it.

As for the principle of operation, there is nothing complicated – the client’s computer connects to the proxy server, and he, in turn, connects to the target server on which the necessary resource is located. Proxies can be of several types, for example, the most common is CGI, HTTP and SHTTP for browsing. You can also use SOCKS4, SOCKS5 – this type allows you to configure a proxy through a browser or a special application, and supports additional data transfer protocols.

How to find a proxy and choose a quality option

There are a lot of such servers, but not all of them are quality, fast and generally working. You can find proxies at sites such as FineProxy, FoxProxy, and HideMy.name. By visiting such sites, you can see the lists of servers that are currently available. The data contains the server address and port, as well as the type of proxy. It is also possible to select a country – this is useful for the target server to “recognize” the user as a resident of a particular zone.

You should pay special attention to the level of anonymity. There are variants with high and medium level, but there are also those that do not provide the necessary protection. Many of the servers are free, but their disadvantage will be low speed and frequent interruptions in the work, because they focus the maximum load. The ideal option would be a paid proxy – without restrictions and problems. You can find such options on these sites. The speed of the server, by the way, is specified in its information block. At free variants very often the declared speed can differ from real, certainly, in the worse party.

The easiest way to find a proxy server is to use the CGI option. This is a proxy, which does not need to be specifically configured. It works like a normal site, where you just need to enter the target address of the page on the Internet. Examples are the Fineproxy.org or Hidester services, although there are quite a few such resources now. Anonymity here is minimal, but with the help of such proxies you can get access to a resource blocked in a certain country.

Other proxies require special configuration. To do this, copy the address and port of the selected server, and then enter them in a special box “Proxy” in the “Network” section, going there from the properties of your browser. On different operating systems this can be done in its own way, but in general the procedure is very simple and clear. Unfortunately, if the server is unavailable, you will have to turn it off manually in the settings and enter new data, but in paid versions such problems are excluded.

It’s not difficult to find a proxy.

In general, finding a proxy is not a difficult task. When it comes to free proxies, it’s more of a time-consuming procedure because you’ll have to manually check for availability, as the data in the lists isn’t always accurate. On top of that there may be speed problems. The easiest way to use the CGI option is to use special services, and the best choice would be a paid server with which there would be no problems.