It’s popular about the Internet. 5 ways to work simultaneously on different accounts of one site

It is no secret that many people today have multiple accounts on social networks, email services and other important sites. And very often it is necessary to be on several accounts simultaneously. But not many people know how to do this.

Way one. Login to each account from different computers…

It’s the easiest and most common way. If you have more than one computer (laptop, desktop, tablet), you can log out of each account from a different device and work quietly.

The second way. Exit browsers in private and normal modes

To exit from one device, you can use either one browser in different modes (normal and private), or two or three browsers also in different modes simultaneously. But it’s not safe to work on the same site (more than two accounts) from different browsers, but it’s not safe to work from the same IP address. This can lead to the fact that «extra» accounts, which are accessed from the same address, can be blocked by the administration of the site due to suspicions of hacking or fraudulent use of the account.

Method three. Binding different IP addresses to browsers.

It’s a very practical way to solve the problem. There are specialized resources on the Internet today that track free proxy servers through which any network user can work. If you can’t find such resources, use special programs to find and test free proxy servers. If such a server is detected, you can specify the desired IP address in the settings of each browser. Thus, each browser will have its own unique address in the network.

Method four. Using VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a convenient tool for solving anonymity problems. It is possible to work in such network both with the help of add-ons (plug-ins), which complement popular browsers, and with the help of separate special applications, which are installed in the operating system. To launch such a network, you need to download and activate the plugin in your browser or download, install and run the appropriate software in the operating system. But when working in a virtual network, it is necessary to take into account that serious sites can block accounts that are accessed from foreign addresses.

Method five. Exit the anonymous browser Tor

This method is suitable only for ordinary sites. For serious sites (e.g. bank account, public service site) this method is not suitable, because in anonymous browser IP-address changes periodically. Based on this, the administration of a serious resource can block the user’s account until the circumstances are clarified. And this is fraught with the fact that the user will have to send confirmation that the account was actually used by him, not another user.